The Altar Guild covers the cost of the altar flowers, as well as regular supplies including sacramental wine and wafers                                    for Communion,altar and area candles, Baptismal candles, and palms for Palm Sunday.

The Altar Guild at St. Luke's is again offering "associate Membership" in the Guild. Membership donations of any amount may be made

 to St. Luke's Church (designated "Associate membership of the Altar Guild"), and will be included in your annual charitable donation receipt

 from St. Luke's. Each donor will receive an "Associate Membership" card form the Altar Guild.

Active members of the Altar Guild work with a partner and take responsibility for the altar one Saturday each month.

 If you would like to know more about the Guild and/or how to become an active member, please contact the church office (622-1243).

All the work of the Guild is done for the Glory of God and to honour us to serve Jesus Christ in this way.