Camp Gitchigomee is a place, a community, and a front line mission. The camp itself is located on the east shore of Sandstone Lake, approximately 1 hour's drive southwest of Thunder Bay. It was established in 1946 by the Anglican Churches within the Thunder Bay Deanery.
At the request of Bishop Ron Ferris, Camp Gitchigomee became incorporated as a not-for profit charity, in December, 2007. The camp's stated purpose (the corporate objects) is: "To operate and maintain a Christian camp where children and others receive instruction in the Christian faith, and where camping, sporting, crafts, water skills and nature study are enjoyed. This camp shall provide opportunities for children, youth and leaders to grow in the Christian faith and in community, through Bible teaching, worship, example, service and Christian living."

Since the camp was established, many St. Luke's people have been part of the camp community, generously offering their time, talents, treasury, energy and prayers for the administration, operation and maintenance of the camp. For many years now the Intermediate camp for 10-12 year old children has been staffed mostly by folks from St. Luke's. Many people have also represented St. Luke's by being active members of the camp, and serving on the Board of Directors or Chairs of various committees. Many have also helped to bake cookies, run yard sales, deliver groceries, give presentations, serve at spaghetti suppers, wash windows and curtains, cut grass, haul trash, paint, collect Canadian tire money, organize fundraisers, cook and help out in numerous other ways.

Those who have been involved with the camp (this includes getting out our "comfort zone" sometimes!) have been tremendously blessed. If you would like more information about the camp, or would like to serve in some way, please contact the Church office (622-1243).

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